Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day for us this year was a day to just be together and go wherever the day took us.

Our first stop was the downtown farmers' market. Although it was quite chilly, we thoroughly enjoyed some hot chocolate, a mushroom empanada, a migas breakfast taco, and some chocolate covered cocoa beans. The live band also added some entertainment as we wandered through the local vendors. The market as a whole was much smaller than it probably is in the summer, but needless to say, we did not leave unsatisfied.

From there we decided to seek out a large Austin postcard wall mural that Jen had seen on Flickr (a great place to search for pictures of anything and everything you can think of), armed with a camera.

After driving around, looking at the South Austin neighborhoods, we decided some tex-mex would hit the spot. Lucky for us, the famous Matt's was not too far away. 

No Valentine's Day would be complete without something sweet, so we found our way to the one and only Flip Happy Crepes. (Watch them beat Bobby Flay in a throwdown here!) 

After waiting in line to order, we passed the time waiting for our order to be ready with a friendly game of Uno..

..and a not so friendly game of Connect Four. 

Jay may or may not have won every game. Jen has no comment.

It was all worth it.

Hope your Valentine's Day was all you had hoped for!


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Connect Four! I take John DOWN every single time. Must be a Carman thing. Although, it's never gotten to the point that he's making a face like Jenny's. Play nice y'all.


  3. It's true! I've never won a game off her. So sad to say.
    Nice post on some hidden gems in Austin.

  4. PS. I love my husband. I am a competitive Connect Four player only because it is the only thing I could/will ever win against John. I'm working on my agression, however.

  5. Love your photodocumentation! If you keep this up, your blog can be Jack's first serial e-storybook.