Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Due to the growing trend and the increasing distance and time zones between us all, we have decided to undergo the upkeep of a blog. Hopefully this will not make unnecessary the beloved phone calls from friends and loved ones, but will help all to feel a little less distant and out of touch with our life.

We want to be able to post together and separately, so if the post ends in: "jxxc" we posted together, "jmc" Jen posted, "jwc" Jay posted. 

We're THAT awesome... and are trying to make our blog as complicated as possible... :)


  1. Wow I should have taken that extra English class in college to understand those simple thoughts. "Life's been good to me so far!"
    JFW(Joe Fidler Walsh) Daddy'O

  2. We're so excited to know we'll be able to keep with y'all via this blog! We loove it!

    John & Alleen